Emma Croke

Senior Communications Executive

Emma is our digital PR specialist and social media expert who’s always on top of the latest digital trends.

As such she leads many of our social and digital campaigns and workshops, and is particularly focused on using research and data to ensure SEO and PR work together to achieve client objectives.

Our longest-serving team member, Emma has worked on a wide variety of client accounts across a range of sectors, including tourism, consumer, retail, engineering and law, and has a keen eye for reactive media opportunities.

Constantly bursting with bright ideas, Emma is renowned for her infectious creativity and enthusiasm.

In the Spotlight


For national news I rely on the Guardian, and love to scan the South Wales Argus for any thing to do with home


@humansofny – I find this so inspiring, and it makes me wonder how many great stories we miss out on by not talking to those around us.


Going to Italy last year, I visited the Vatican and Milan. There’s so much culture in one place.


I love London. Such a busy place, the energy’s contagious. Also, the fashion quarter in Cardiff is a great place to people watch.


Mexican is my absolute favorite, but my ultimate comfort food is a ham and mushroom carbonara.


Tequila! I’m the girl at the bar ordering everyone shots of the stuff. Any other tequila lovers must go to Ça Va in Liverpool.


I’m at my happiest surrounded by flour, sugar and eggs.


Drinks and food in the garden with friends and family.

Social Media:

I’m at my most active on twitter, but have an addiction to Instagram.


‘You can never be overdressed or overeducated’ Oscar Wilde

Bright Spot:

Graduating recently and seeing how proud my family is. There were points where I didn’t think I’d make it to be honest…